Please feel free to download and use these templates for your business on a wide range of HR to Health & Safety and Employment Law matters.

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Holidays Free Download
Free Holiday Request Refusal Template

As an employer, your employees are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks holiday per

Statutory Sick Pay Free Download
Sickness Absence Policy for Employers

Sickness absence is a very common reason for employees to be absent from work. As

Gross Misconduct Free Download
Free Gross Misconduct Letter for Employers

As your business grows and you begin to take on staff, the potential for employment

Employment Tribunals Free Download
Your Employment Tribunals Guide

Employers like you will hope that you never have to attend an employment tribunal. Avoiding

Employment Contracts Free Download
Sample Employment Contract

Providing your employees with a written statement is a legal requirement. At the point where

Dismissals Free Download
Employee Dismissal Letter

As an employer, you never want to have to write a dismissal letter. Dismissing someone

Disciplinaries Free Download
Workplace Disciplinaries and Procedures

As someone who employs staff, handling disciplinaries is something you will be sure to encounter.

Maternity Free Download
Maternity Risk Assessment

As an employer, it is important that you understand the law regarding risk assessments for