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TUPE transfer can open your business to legal risks. Any employee transferring to a new employer benefits from protection by law. Whether you’re an incoming or outgoing employer, call Employer Advice today for a TUPE consultation.

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Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations

Understanding TUPE regulations for Employers

The scale of the business is irrelevant when it comes to TUPE. No matter whether your business has less than three employees or you’re a large organisation, all staff legally classed as employees are protected by TUPE. This can affect contract commitmentsredundancies, pay rates, and more…

We recommend these steps:

  1. Call us NOW for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with our experts to ensure the TUPE is lawful and follows the ACAS code.
  2.   We can offer a complimentary critique of your current documentation and go through any non compliance.
  3. (Optional): Book a free follow-up call if you have any further questions.
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What is TUPE?

TUPE consultation Advice for Employers

If your staff are classed as workers, you should seek further advice on the protections granted to them by TUPE regulations. This is a developing area that could be subject to change.

Faced with these questions or any others regarding TUPE? Call our team today and let us assist with FREE TUPE advice based on the ACAS code of practice.

Check out some of the questions we regularly receive:

  • How long is TUPE valid for?
  • When does TUPE not apply to a business?
  • How does TUPE impact my employees?
  • How does TUPE work?
  • What is a TUPE transfer?
  • What is the law regarding TUPE?
  • Can I outsource TUPE?
  • What are the rules around TUPE and redundancy?
  • What is a TUPE consultation?
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TUPE Advice for your business

Avoid Employment Tribunals and Get TUPE Right

When dealing with TUPE as an the incoming or outgoing employer, it can be difficult to understand your obligations. That’s where Employer Advice come in. We offer expert TUPE planning and support on the transfer.

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Assisting Employers on TUPE For More than 40 Years

TUPE can be an extremely tricky landscape for employers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the incoming or outgoing employer, all employees are afforded certain legal protections.

Don’t overlook your obligations as an employer. Work with Employer Advice and carefully plan your way through TUPE with expert support.

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