Dismissing an employee?

A claim for unfair dismissal can cost employers like you up to £15,000 in legal fees and potentially over £90,000 in compensation. Do you really want to risk getting a dismissal wrong?

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How to Avoid Employment Tribunal Claims

How To Dismiss Your Employee Lawfully

Dismissals and sackings are an unfortunate but often inevitable part of your company’s growth. Very often, however, employers get the dismissal process wrong and have to pay out tens of thousands of pounds at an employment tribunal.

No matter what your employee has done, you MUST ensure that you follow a fair process if you choose to dismiss them. There are instances where an employee can be dismissed with immediate effect, but you should never guess.

Failure to follow the correct process could lead to a potential claim against your organisation for unfair dismissal.

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Common Dismissal Questions

You Can Dismiss Your Employee for a Wide Range of Reasons

Employer Advice handles over 50,000 calls every year from employers asking us a vast range of questions on all areas of employment law, including dismissing an employee. Dismissal can be an unpleasant task for employers and our experts can guide you through a fair process.

No matter what your reasoning for dismissing a staff member, whether it’s gross misconduct, absence, poor performance or another issue, we cover it.

Check out some of the questions we regularly receive:

  • What's my legal obligation when dismissing an employee?
  • What happens if I just sack an employee?
  • Why can I not just give a long-term employee notice or a payment in lieu of notice?
  • How long will it take to dismiss the employee through a fair disciplinary or performance management process?
  • Can I just make an employee redundant instead of dismissing them?
  • Can I stop the dismissed employee contacting clients or taking confidential information?
  • Is there any way to simply agree their exit with them?
  • What is the difference between a a redundancy letter and a letter to terminate employment?
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Need to Dismiss Your Employee for Poor Performance or Misconduct?

In order to dismiss an employee you must be able to show that you have a valid reason and acted reasonably in the circumstances. You should also ensure that you’re consistent with your actions. For example, choosing to dismiss one employee for certain behaviour but not another.

As an employer, you must also conduct a thorough investigation before you reach a conclusion. Depending on the type of dismissal, there may also be a notice period to adhere to, this also applies to when an employee is still in their probation period. If you’re in any doubt, don’t guess.

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