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Redundancy can be an extremely complicated process. It is NOT an alternative to dismissal. Avoid tribunal claims against your business and paying out thousands in compensation. Get redundancy right by calling Employer Advice TODAY

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How To Make Your Employee Redundant Lawfully

Redundancy can be a complicated, unfortunate and stressful process for a business owner. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to follow correct procedures and to ensure you treat all staff fairly when going through the redundancy selection criteria.

Failure to do so could lead to a potential claim against your organisation for unfair dismissal.

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Common Redundancy Questions

You can make your employee Redundant for a wide range of Reasons

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Our UK-based redundancy specialists are here for you 24/7, offering you free advice based on the ACAS Code of Practice.

We’ll lead you through the complex guidelines, ease the burden, and help make your business more efficient. Our goal is to save you and your business time, money, and worry.

Check out some of the questions we regularly receive:

  • How do I check if redundancies are necessary?
  • What is the correct process for redundancy?
  • How do I tell employees they are being made redundant?
  • Do I need to hold redundancy consultations?
  • How do I select employees for redundancy?
  • How do I work out severance pay?
  • Do I need to give redundancy notice?
  • How can I support my staff and plan for the future?
  • What is statutory redundancy pay?
  • How to make someone redundant in a small business?
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Need to Make Your Employee Redundant for Business Re-organisation?

What are the guidelines on how to make redundancies

Making redundancies is one of the hardest parts of running a business. Throughout all the stress, you need to follow strict government guidelines or else risk expensive employment tribunals.

Employer Advice are trusted UK Employment Law specialists. We provide thousands of business owners and directors like you with ACAS code-based advice on a range of issues, including redundancy and redundancy laws in the UK.

We understand the challenges of staying compliant in an ever-changing employment law landscape when you are employing staff. We can help on all issues, whether simple or complicated and help you to avoid costly tribunals.

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We only give redundancy advice to employers, so you know we have your business’s best interests at heart.

Employer Advice’s experts have helped more than 14,000 UK businesses with handling redundancies. We provide business owners with 24/7 expert advice on the redundancy processes and redundancy pay, outline best practices and support throughout the entire process.

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