Need to Handle Gross Misconduct?

Gross misconduct is extremely serious insubordination, violence, theft or gross negligence. In these cases, you may be able to summarily dismiss an employee but you MUST follow fair procedure.

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Handle Gross Misconduct

Can I Dismiss An Employee Instantly for Gross Misconduct?

Any decision to dismiss an employee for gross misconduct must be based on a fair and thorough investigation and due process.

Failure to follow the correct process could lead to a potential claim against your organisation for unfair dismissal.

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Common Dismissal Questions

Need to Dismiss Your Employee for Poor Performance or Misconduct?

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Check out some of the questions we regularly receive:

  • What is gross misconduct?
  • How do my employees know what constitutes gross misconduct?
  • Who decides what conduct merits instant dismissal?
  • What procedure should I follow in a gross misconduct case?
  • Can a gross misconduct dismissal go to employment tribunal?
  • What is ACAS early conciliation and a COT3 agreement?
  • Is gross misconduct included in an employment contract?
  • Should I have behavioural policies in place for my employees?
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How to dismiss an Employee for Gross Misconduct

As opposed to “ordinary” instances of misconduct where an employee breaks your workplace rules by being persistently late, for example, gross misconduct requires more formal reprimands. In instances of gross misconduct, you are within your rights to dismiss an employee immediately. That is, as long as you’ve followed a fair procedure and produced a paper trail that would stand up in a tribunal. Investigate any reports of gross misconduct fully and make sure the accused employee is given a chance to respond.

If you’re not sure, don’t take a chance. Litigation against your business could cost thousands.

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Gross misconduct can be difficult for an employee because you’re dealing with a scenario where an employee could face severe disciplinary action – including dismissal without notice. This type of dismissal is tricky because you need to have the correct, fair process in place and be able to document all stages.

We would recommend speaking to an Employer Advice consultant BEFORE you make any decisions and start taking action. This will ensure you’re compliant.


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