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ACAS is an independent and impartial organisation that helps to improve the working life of employers, employees and your organisation.

Employer advice provides free, ACAS code-based advice, information and guidance on the rules and practices to employers only which will help you navigate HR and employment law challenges with ease.

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ACAS advice and employers

Employer advice support businesses & Business Owners

Employer Advice’s ACAS-based advice supports businesses by offering guidance on employment-related issues. We provide resources, training, and a helpline to help businesses understand and implement best practices in line with employment law.

We provide ACAS-based advice in areas like employee relations, dispute resolution, and compliance with the ACAS Code of Practice. By promoting fair treatment, effective communication, and good employment practices, we help businesses create a positive work environment and reduce the risk of disputes.

Our services contribute to maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships and fostering a productive workplace.

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Employer Advice can help ensure you stay compliant with the ACAS code of practice

What is the ACAS code of Practice

The ACAS code of practice is a set of standards that are expected in the workplace by employers and employees.

The code includes the following:

  • Code of Practice on disclosure of information to trade unions for collective   bargaining purposes
  • Code of practice on the settlement agreement.
  • Amend to Code of Practice on flexible working requests
  • Code of practice on time off for trade union duties and activities.
  • Code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

The ACAS code of practice should be used to run an organisation successfully and   avoid employment tribunals. There is a statutory code of practice, if this is not followed by the employer, it can result in an increase in the award at the tribunal.

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How does ACAS help enforce employment law?

ACAS was put in place to help businesses find solutions, improve organisations’ performance, solve disputes, and promote good practices in workplaces. ACAS works to help employers avoid large-scale industrial disputes by preventing or solving problems before they become larger disputes, such as strikes.

Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) enforces employment law by providing free impartial guidance on:

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Award-Winning Support on Employment Law With ACAS Code Based Advice

Employer Advice employs a team of highly qualified specialists who cover all aspects of employment law. As trusted and award-winning UK employment law specialists, we provide thousands of business owners and directors like you with ACAS code-based advice on sick pay and a range of HR and employment issues.

Our Strengths:

  • Dismissals Guidance
  • Redundancy Advice
  • Tribunal Support
  • General HR & Employment Law Queries
  • Contracts & Documentation
  • TUPE
  • IMMEDIATE clarity on SSP rates
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Sick Pay Advice
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