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"My advisor gave friendly, helpful and clear advice at every stage of a very challenging employee situation. I felt supported, but still in control of the process. Highly recommended!"

Debbie Parrish

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When you’re searching online for the answers to your sick pay questions, you could spend hours sifting through pages and pages of false and outdated advice.

Or you could give Employer Advice a call right now and get quick, precise advice from our UK-based employment law experts.

With our help, you’ll avoid being taken to an employment tribunal for not paying your staff the right amount of sick pay.

Acas-level advice

Our advisers use the Acas Code of Practice, which you must follow by law when you have a dispute with an employee. We’ll answer sick pay questions like:

  • How much is statutory sick pay?
  • Do I have to pay sick pay for the first 3 days?
  • What sick pay do part time workers get?
  • Can I withhold sick pay?
  • What’s the difference between SSP and OSP?

Helping businesses succeed since 1943

Over the past 80 years, we’ve built a reputation as the UK’s leading provider of employment law advice for businesses just like yours. But don’t take our word for it…

“One of my employees accused me of not paying her the right amount of sick pay. She threatened to take me to an employment tribunal, but with Employer Advice’s advice I was able to prove that I was following the law. They saved me a lot of time, money and hassle. J. Hutchinson, dentist, Manchester

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